Minggu, Juli 14, 2024

Why joining us

The Department of Accounting has a proud history that reflects our commitment to academic excellence, innovative research, and community service. Since its inception, we have become a leading center of accounting education, significantly contributing to the advancement of the accounting profession in Indonesia.
The Department of Accounting was officially established in 2001 as part of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Universitas Negeri Padang. Following the Rector’s Decree No. 05/J4/KP/205 dated January 2, 2005, concerning the establishment of the Faculty of Economics offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the Department of Accounting became part of the Faculty of Economics.
As UNP transitioned from PTN BLU to PTN BH, the Department of Accounting within the Faculty of Economics and Business also evolved. As an integral part of UNP and FEB UNP, the Department of Accounting continually strives to meet the challenges, demands, and needs of society by providing high-quality higher education services.
Curriculum Development
Over time, the Department of Accounting has grown in terms of student numbers, faculty members, and the curriculum offered. In line with advancements in information, communication, and technology, we frequently update our curriculum in the fields of Managerial Accounting, Financial Accounting, and Auditing. All of these are designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills.
Academic Achievements
The efforts of the Department of Accounting, reflecting our dedication to high standards of higher education and our commitment to continuously improve teaching quality, education standards, and research, are marked by the accreditation ranking given by BAN-PT to the Department of Accounting, which is “Excellent” with BAN-PT Decree No. 3920/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/VI/2022.
Collaboration and Partnerships
The Department of Accounting actively collaborates with various institutions both domestically and internationally. Partnerships with leading universities, professional organizations, and major companies have opened opportunities for students and faculty to engage in research projects, exchange programs, and valuable internships.
Research and Innovation
Research is one of the main pillars of the Department of Accounting. Our faculty is involved in various research activities that contribute to global accounting knowledge and offer solutions to contemporary business challenges. Our research publications have been recognized in international journals and often serve as important references in the field of accounting.
Commitment to Student Development
We take pride in our dedication to the holistic development of our students. Through academic guidance, career development programs, and extracurricular activities, we strive to equip students with the competencies needed for success in the professional world.
Towards the Future
The Department of Accounting at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Negeri Padang, remains committed to being an innovative and relevant educational institution. We will continue to pursue excellence in teaching, research, and community service, and remain adaptable to the changes and challenges faced by the accounting profession in this era of globalization.
Thank you for your interest in the Department of Accounting at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Negeri Padang. We invite you to explore more about our programs and join our community.